Friday, November 7, 2008

Southern Fried

Fom now on, I'm only going to be comfortable if the Islanders enter the third period either tied or losing, because playing with the lead is something this team cannot seem to handle, losing 4-3 to the Thrashers after holding a 3-1 lead early in the 3rd. Two quick early 3rd period goals by Atlanta put a damper on what was turning out to be a nice effort by the Isles.

Quoting from Logan's article, if Gordon thinks "it's more of a failure to do our system than anything else", one has to ask the question, is this just a team struggling with a new system, evidence of a failure of the coaching staff, or the players just taking leads for granted?

As I mentioned in a previous post, this team has mastered the art of the 40 minute game. If they show speed, puck movement and a scoring touch during 2 periods, then they clearly understand the system. What is it that causes this basic breakdown for the remaining 20 minutes? Does Gordon need to take a page out of the Ted Nolan motivational guide? I guess this is why there is a sports psychology profession.

As a fan, you're left shaking your head because one minute you think the team is ready to make the turn, to take the next step and throw together a few wins in a row. Then comes that cold hard slap.

So the Pens come to town tomorrow night. Let's hope the Isles figure this out. I know the playoffs area long shot, but giving up these critical points early in the year make the playoffs an even longer shot.



IslesFanInCA said...

Well, another lead going into the third period against Pittsburgh.

What is the status of Richard Park regarding his contract? He's one of the few Islanders NOT in the minus with his +/- and is a consistent player. Even Stan Fischler said during the 2nd intermission of tonight's game that Park's consistent play and penalty-killing is one of the reasons the Isles are still winning.

With such a young team, having a player consistently performing is vital.

Just some thoughts.

Jim McGlynn said...

Hey MC. Man I am a little perplexed about the layout (and proliferation within) of the box. I feel if someone who did not know you guys were there would need a compass and torch to find you.

I actually watched the Pit game off a Pitt FSN feed. The Isles are generally met with pity from other markets. Its a shame.

Chris said...

I can't take it any more

Mike Carey and Brian Carey said...

Islesfaninca, Park is under contract through next season. Next year his salary is $800k, a great value under any criteria.

Jim, nice to hear from you. Making it out to any games soon? Corey is redesigning the Box page "in the coming weeks". We'll see what that actually means.

And Chris, I can't take it any more either.