Monday, November 3, 2008

Deja Vu... Almost

Answer honestly. When the Isles started the third period tonight up 3 goals, you thought right back to Saturday night. But wait, this is Columbus. We couldn't possibly squander this lead, right?

You could almost feel that the slighest bit of adversity would throw the Isles into a free fall. Such is the fragile psyche of this group right now. The Jackets first goal seem to instantly deflate the Isles confidence and you could hear the groans of even the most grisled fan.

Against the Canadiens, a clearly superior and more experienced team, you could make an excuse. However, the Jackets are a team the Isles should be capable of beating, which makes their 3rd period performance all the more frustrating. You have to think the Isles are fighting the mental game right now. They've mastered the 40 minute game but can't quite put together a full 60 minute effort. Yes, some of this is attributed to the skill level and experience of this group, but again, I suspect the most of the Isles issues reside above the shoulder pads.

Now, who knew that it would take 2 goals by Chris Campoli in overtime to seal the win?

One can only hope the OT redemption gives the Isles a boost in confidence going into the game tomorrow against the Rangers. I get the feeling that this team is capable of getting on a roll if they believe in themselves. A win against our rivals would go a long way.

Other Notes: Since when did "Chili" become 3 goals? Hopefully I'm only slightly dating myself by saying that I remember when 6 goals was "Chili". I understand reduced expectations but come on! 4 goals at least, please.

When the Isles announced a new (old) third jersey, I though, oh boy, here we go again. I must admit that I really like the new jersey. Am I ready for it to be our #1 jersey... hmm, maybe not quite yet but it's a classic look.

Speaking of jerseys.. when will the white return as the home standard?

Final thought... is Tambellini the new Hilbert?



NYIsles1/IslesTigers said...

This is about not having Witt, Martinek and Meyer at crunch time in the roles they need to be against the oppositions top players along with the number one goalie.

That would make any club fragile and skaky.

Still they got a game to ot against Philadelphia, took a three goal lead against Montreal and Columbus and contine to get scoring from it's defenders.

w0lfpack said...

your tambellini/hilbert comparison is quite funny as on islespointblank, botta actually has gordon as saying just that!

just what we need, andy hilbert and a poor mans andy hilbert.

And there i was thinking andy hilbert was a poor mans richard park.

now john tavares on the other hand, they say hes the NEXT great one

Ely said...

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