Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Random Thoughts

Guest blogger Brian Carey

Thanks to Greg Logan, a sneak peek at the Isles preseason schedule can be found here. Of note are no games against the Rangers. I for one, am not too upset. Granted the brawls last year were entertaining, but this year's team needs to focus on hockey from the start.

Mark Parrish has been bought out by the Wild. Mark was always one of my favorites when he played for the Isles, and his presence in front of opposing goaltenders was sorely missed. Hope he finds a new team (not in the Atlantic) that he can thrive with.

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I watched the Isles new DVD, Dinner and a Dynasty the other day. The film features a round table discussion of sorts with past Islander greats and includes some great footage of the "glory years". A good watch for any Islanders fan. I would have liked some more game clips and many of the stories seemed more like inside jokes between the guys. Not a must have but great for the die hard Islander fan in your life. Anybody else out there like to see a release of the entire finals series from the Cup years?

On a related note, I appreciate what the Isles are doing with this DVD release, but there has simply been too much focus on those teams in recent years. I love remembering those teams but I guess the current crop of Islanders need to make a splash before the world stops focusing on the 80s.

Caoching interviews continue this week. Expect an annoucement in about 7-10 days if I had to guess. Vote in the poll for your favorite candidate.


Douglas James said...

Is there no room for a guy like Parish on the Isles? We def need some goal scoring and he would be another good vet to help bring up the young guys

Anonymous said...

The Isles desperately need a guy like Parrish, one that'll sacrifice himself in front of the net. We haven't had that since he left. But Parrish was always too streaky, he'd disappear for weeks at a time. Somebody needs to assume that role now. I'm sick and tired to seeing ZERO traffic in front of opposing goalies.