Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sports Illustrated Coverage of NYI Blog Box

Please click here to read Richard Deitsch's piece from SI.com on the NYI Blog Box.

Somehow, this grand experiment seems all the more real now. I'm proud to be able to go along for the ride...


Anonymous said...


This is your Floridian uncle in the middle of Panther territory - alligators and the cottonmouth are your only friends here !!!

Seriously, is it true you've started wearing a fedora with a pencil tucked behind your ear? (won't give up my source)- Matt Drudge is gonna sue you for infringement !!!

Anyway - Congratulations and best of luck in your blogging adventures. I do remember being at your mom and dad's house the day the Isles won their first 1st Stanley Cup - quite the pandemonium ! Would be nice for Long Island to experience that again (but not before Lord Stanley visits us here in the swamp just one time !!!).

Uncle Chris

Anonymous said...

mike - the player with scatchard was BILL MUCKALT

Christopher said...

mike - the player with scatchard was BILL MUCKALT