Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Free Agent Forward Update #1

I thought it would be fun to periodically track the performance of the key free agent forwards that were associated with the Islanders during this past offseason. The list isn't comprehensive (e.g. no Vasicek), but represents the key names discussed by fans and the media prior to the start of the season.

We'll see if the common perception is correct - that the Rangers, Avs...etc. were the most successful players in free agency, while the Isles had to settle for the "leftovers".

The following shows goals, assists, and each player's salary for the '07-'08 season:

Bill Guerin = 4G, 6A, $4.5M
Mike Comrie = 5G, 5A, $3.375M
Ruslan Fedotenko = 2G, 5A, $2.9M
Total = 11G, 16A, $10.775M
Stats = 9 points per player; 2.5 points per million spent

Jason Blake = 2G, 9A, $5.0M
Ryan Smyth = 3G, 3A, $7.5M
Victor Kozlov = 2G, 1A, $2.5M
Total = 7G, 13A, $15.0M
Stats = 7 points per player; 1.3 points per million spent

Opted to go to NYR:
Scott Gomez = 2G, 1A, $10.0M
Chris Drury = 1G, 5A, $7.1M
Total = 3G, 6A, $17.1M
Stats = 4.5 points per player; 0.5 points per million spent

Three weeks into the season, and so far it's looking like Garth Snow's patience is paying off. I will update this as we progress through the season - whether the results are good or bad.


Anonymous said...

bababooey! bababooey!
seriously though good blog.
From your friend J. Rodriguez.

Islanders Esoteric said...

Good job Mike. I love it!!!! Jagr Who?

We did a look at the numbers versus the players that got away.

Look here:

Mike Carey said...

Thanks for the feedback Esoteric. I just checked out the posting on your blog. Like I commented there...even though you posted yours first, I swear it's just a coincidence!! Great minds think alike, I guess.

Don said...

My big concern is that it's only the third week of the season. Last year it was the Isles with the slow start, and come mid-December they sat atop the Atlantic. We as Isles fans can't get too excited, much like we shouldn't have gotten too panicky after the losses to the Caps and Flyers.

Give it a month - I think we'll get a better idea of where both the Isles and Rangers stand.

You wouldn't happen to have worked at an amusement park in your formative years, would you? Your profile sounds awfully familiar...

Mike Carey said...

Believe me, I'm not getting too excited just yet. We've been through this too many times before.

And yes, I did work in an amusement park back in the day. Do I know you??

Don said...

I believe we do.