Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Reflection

"You're right I suppose, I mean, I guess it is childish. But when I was about 18 and my dad and I couldn't communicate about anything at all, we could still talk about baseball. Now that - that was real" - City Slickers

Perhaps a bit melodramatic I suppose but there is an inherent truth about this quote that I can apply to hockey, and more specifically the Islanders. Beyond my love of hockey as a sport lies something much deeper, a connection to my family and friends. A common bond of experiences, shared heartbreak and triumph that I think many Islander fans can relate to.

When there was nothing else much to talk about, when we were at different points in our lives, there was always hockey in general, and more specifically the Islanders to talk about. Going to a game and sitting next to my Dad, learning the players names and jersey numbers, seeing a new team for the first time, and learning the rules. Experiencing the game through my Dad's eyes and learning to love it and have a passion for it because of him is something I'll never forget.

I reflect on this as I prepare to take my son to his first Islander game this Saturday in Boston. I wish it could be on Long Island, but alas, my life has taken me to Massachusetts, and this is the best I can provide at this point. My son is very young, only 3, and I know he'll be more interested in the popcorn than the players, and the zambonis more than the goals, but I can only
hope this is the start of a passion for the game that I can pass along to him, just as my Dad did for me.

I grew up during the dynasty years, when going to a game at the Coliseum was an event that people fought to get into. When a sellout and a victory was the norm. Today, we all know things are different. We're now all faced with the possibility of losing our team. Who among us hasn't been pushed to the brink of abandoning this team forever? Just when the team's management seems to start pulling things together we are faced with the Town of Hempstead. Will the Islanders still be in Nassau when my son is old enough to truly care? Will they be in NY? I guess it's that stark reality that has made me appreciate this day more than anything.

In the event that the worst happens, and the Isles leave, I fear my love of the sport will go with them. So while we still have the Isles, and even though I'm over 200 miles away, I plan on passing my love of hockey to my son with the hope that he will be able to remain an Islander fan for all his years, no matter where life takes him. And anticipating the day I can take him to the
Coliseum for a home game...or even better, take him to the Lighthouse for his first home game.

I'll have a recap of Saturday's game by the end of the weekend along with some pictures. Let's hope for a win in Ottawa in the mean time.



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